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Laree is a multi-layered entrepreneurial wiz!, With a degree in Biology she is well equipped to take the beauty industry by storm!

She started Concrete Rose Beauty Co. due to having an undeniable passion for health and wellness, along with a deep appreciation for self care and woman empowerment. During her clinical units at Esthetician, she began to see clients who were seeking treatment for skin conditions like Eczema and Acne. With a holistic view on skin care, Laree knew that there are many factors that contribute to the skins overall health, with poor synthetic skincare products being one of them. Laree was unable to find a certified organic brand the felt she could recommend, that contained the botanical ingredients that she knew were well researched for their benefits for the skin. She also couldn’t find a certified organic range that performed to her high standard.

Having spent 4 years studying a degree that gave her an in depth understanding of the pathophysiology of the skin, as well as extensive knowledge of herbal medicine. Laree recognized the she had the perfect equation of knowledge that allowed her to truly understand what the skin needs and the correct botanical ingredients that would be required to help the skin achieve optimal health.

After graduating at the top of her class, Laree set out to create a legacy that she and her daughter Harmony can be proud of for a life time.

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